Sunday, January 06, 2002

Elorza is in vermont. I talked to his mom for a little while- I tell you, if you ever want to talk to the quintessential-sounding New Jersian or Mexican, call Elorza's house and talk to his mother or father, respectively.

The idea that they're married thrills me- I get giddy just thinking about a conversation between the two of them.

While I'm not sure if I've ever talked to his brother, Andrew (who is the definitive Elorza) and his sister Elisa both have positively gorgeous, if non-accented voices. The first time I ever talked to Elorza I was thrilled. His voice assured me that he must be everything I ever suspected he was. And hey...I was right. Nothing is better about him than the way he talks. (Note: That probbaly isn't true. In fact, nothing I'm saying has any value whatsoever any longer. It's just that I'm getting on some sort of updating cycle....I keep blogging and blogging and blogging.....eventually, I'm going to EXPLODE.)

Hmmm....I just went insane. Let's see how long I can go without writing again, eh?

On with it!