Sunday, January 06, 2002

Scratch that- running your mouse over that WOULD be fun if my connection weren't so damned slow. Might work for you, though.

Mitch and I are discussing Bon Jovi. I love new people because they've never heard what you have to say, so you don't run the risk of sounding redundant. It's like a chance to start over.

I'm listening to "Bed of Roses", a song that's been all Jeff to me for a very long time now. Too long for some people's comfort. Mitch as my distraction is keeping me from feeling it as much as I do sometimes, but mercifully. It used to leave me crying in bed for missing him every night. Mitch is leaving now, so it might do the same tonight..I hope so. I need to cry. And sleep. And do about sixty other things.

Okay, in between then and now, I've just read about a dozen postively beautiful sex jokes on, a site recommended on Mitch's sad, pathetic aol hometown site, which I wouldn't even bother linking to if it weren't for the fact that he says really really sweet stuff about Becky on there. That's the kind of recognition women covet like a drug.

Damn, I'm tired. I never got around to watching my rentals today, as I planned to since I got up...which, haha, was only 13 hours ago. And what have I accomplished in that thirteen hours? Let's review:

~WAY too many blogspot entries
~One entry in my psyche logbook
~One e-mail to Mitch
~Several pointless conversations
~Discovering some new Millay poetry that I like
~Discovering a site that seems to have a lot of other poetry to like
~Remembering, if not starting to do, the report that's due monday
~Ate a couple times
~Saw Mark
~Played with vinegar and baking soda
~Discovered the shortcomings of alta vista
~Got the ball rolling on the brilliant Field's Medal plan
~Failed at making a string of links that would be enjoyable to run one's mouse over.
~Made this list of things I accomplished today
~Missed him so much it was fucking tangible

And yet it somehow feels like I only did one of those all day long.

Yeah, you guessed it- the vinegar and baking soda experiment.

"For tonight, I sleep on a bed of nails." On with it.