Sunday, January 06, 2002

I started this post off originally by saying "I've officially found another blog of someone I've never met that I'm actually interested in reading!" but I decided against it- I don't want to make it official yet. While I've read, and enjoy, everything she's written so far, she's only had the site, apparently, since the first of the year.

That's not the only thing disconcerning to me- another thing is that it would appear that she's in middle school. I don't know why that's bothersome to me...possibly because I'm threatened by the idea of someone so young being so cool. Actually, it bothered me for the first two minutes after her making reference to "TMS", which I can only presume is the initials for her middle school, but by now....I'm sorta psyched about it. Because she reminds me of me. And I want to get to know her.

Her style seems to suggest that she posts paragraph-long things multiple times when she gets online. Which means if I checked back now- since I found her originally on the "most recently updated blog" list- there might already be something new there.

Okay, checked, and there's nothing, but I can forgive this because she was up all last night -or was it the night before???- participating in a 12 hour dance marathon. This impresses me endlessly. What impresses me more was the next night...which means it the dance marathon must have been the night before...she was up watching old episodes of SNL and she made a point of saying how SNL is no longer good. THANK YOU, RANDOM BLOGGER CHICK! I have been looking for somebody, other than my sister and a book we were reading once a long time ago, to validate my opinion that SNL has become pure and utter crap.

Other similarities and/or interesting facts:
~She posts random pieces of conversations between her and her friends (well, only one friend so far) that NO ONE else would find entertaining at all (Which, ironically, I find entertaining) and follows them up by pointing out how many normal people were staring at her when they laughed hysterically about whatever was said in public.
~She, like Jenn and I, makes references to the lame cheer in "Bring it On!", though I'm not sure if she thinks it's lame or not. Either way....I liked the movie. (So fucking sue me)
~Her name is apparently "Jacquie". This is trippy.
~She seems to have a thing for Weezer. (Elorza would heartily disapprove...if Elorza ever did anything "heartily") She plugged the song "Sandwiches Time" on her site and while I can't say the falsetto of the bass-player-turned-lead-singer impresses me quite the way she says it affects her, I see this song growing on me. More so if I could figure out the lyrics or find them posted ANYWHERE on the internet. I like the rythym, anyway.

"Sandwiches time
Sandwiches time
Sandwiches on my mind...."

In my search to find the lyrics, I found that pretty much anyone who's ever made a comment on this song on a forum cites those lyrics, being the only ones that are clearly audible....wait, I think audible's the wrong word there. Oh well.

I want to get this post done before 1:30 because it's about then that I have a rush of, well, two or three people who check the site. I think. I might just be making that up.

Saying that right there reminds me of freshmen year, being at Emily's house and having invited Max over to watch movies with us and do something together socially for the first time...or the second, depending if Dance Brazil was before or after that. I don't know. Either way, at one point while we were watching Pleasantville I asked him what was going on and he explained it to me, then said "At least, I think so. I might just be making this up." and we looked at each other for an extended moment....ah, even remembering it now somehow pleases me. Emily told me later that she thought he was going to kiss me just then, and I think I did, too, though now I know her and I were both really really delusional....but we LIKED being delusional. I miss my naive freshmen days. As if I've never mentioned that before.

I want the chance to read through Jacquie's naive freshmen days. And I want the chance to get to know Max again- whenever I start to doubt the value of people in life, their potential for kindness and charity, I think about Max. I remember how he went the extra mile to save my life freshmen year.

No matter how much I regret being alive from time to time, and no matter what anyone else ever does for me in matter what happens, or what I become, or what he could prove to be, there's never going to be a point in my life where I'm anything but entirely grateful to him. Other than in awe.

The first bit of....tension between Jeff and I ever- aside from the fact that I wrote an essay about wanting to torture him before I ever met him- was about Max's father. He presented at Young Writer's and Jeff and his friends were left unimpressed, after which he e-mailed me calling the man a cross between a bore and a moron- a boron. I was amused by the idea that someone would call someone else moronic without knowing that the insult they fabricated for him was also an element, and defended Max's father's honor. I was impressed by the man...perhaps biasly, but I did enjoy his writing.

I was going to go into that more, but I want to post by 1:30. So, in grand Jacquie style, more later.

On with it!