Saturday, January 12, 2002

I really wish more of the interesting stuff in my life was stuff that's acceptable to talk about.....not that I've ever stayed within the confinements of what's interesting to talk about, but right now....well, basically I can't get into details about the personal things between Jeff and I, number one because I don't know how comfortable he'd be with it, number two because I'm not exactly sure how comfortable I'd be knowing that a few people, Mr. Leighton's name gracing the top of that list, had the most intimate details of my every encounter when it comes to this sort of stuff, and number three, because there are too many people reading this that have...well, enough affection for me as to deserve to be spared these details.

Suffice to say that I did something tonight I've never done before. And that Jenn's going to find this amusing as fucking hell.

You know.....I told him that what happened tonight was going to shut her up about some rather embarassing ammo she had on me from before, but...yeah, this is going to make it worse, I think. She won't shut up for ages. :-) This could be her birthday gift!

Not that ANY of you know what I'm talking about. Complete strangers who may check this page- no reason I should not let you know- go ahead, IM me- (fierygwenivere). I'll PROVE I'm interesting!

Well, not really.

On with it!